Grow your fashion resale business, quickly.

Hoptub automates the back office of your fashion resale business, including sourcing, listing management, and fulfillment. Our successful sellers grow up to $1M in annual revenue just within 12 months with our AI technology and managed services. 


Let our AI do the inventory magic

Once your item is sold, removed or returned, your inventory is synchronized accoss all marketplaces. Lay back and allow Hoptub do the work.

Hubtop manages your listings on multiple marketplaces automatically.  You will never re-list manually.

List everywhere, no clicks required

Automated reseller tools such as   sending offers, interacting with customers, consolidated order and return management, and luxury item authentication.

Reseller superpowers 

Scale-up your reselling business, we'll do the groundwork for you.

Focus on sourcing and providing excellent customer care, Hubtop will take care of the heavy lifting and time-consuming operations.

Your inventory is listed and keep updated on multiple marketplaces. Sales, returns and relistings are handled automatically.

We upload your product images, optimize them for each platform, clear background and create image collages when necessary.  

You won't need a warehouse to grow your business. We fulfill your inventory along with managed services such as professional photography, reconditioning, and luxury item authentication.

We like to play the numbers game. Keep track of your business metrics, detailed sales reports, and actionable inventory analytics.

Simplify sourcing from eBay with automated bidding and one click listing from eBay source to all marketplaces.

Automate Poshmark actions. Auto-follow, auto-share and create automated offers to boost sales.

Our resellers grow 250% annually on average

Hubtop enables fashion resellers big and small to scale their businesses cost-effectively, without significant investment into hiring and operational tools.  

Samantha Davis

We are spending 1/10th our the time we spent before Hubtop on listing and keeping marketplaces updated. We have time to focus on customer care and answering questions timely. Only that doubled our sales. One-click listing from eBay is a revolution for us to increase our inventory quickly.

“Hubtop allowed us to save time creating, managing listings on multiple marketplaces. I have the opportunity to source more item and grow my business to over $1M/year. Everybody is talking about AI revolution and beating marketplaces algorithms as a thing of future but Hubtop is here. 

Julia Behar

Jebwa Luxury

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